Sustainability from heart to peel

We were born to offer the world a healthier chem-free fruit, respecting people’s health and environment, a goal that has been a reality since day one. For us, sustainability is not a secondary issue, it is not just one more department that must meet certain legal requirements or adapt to new trends. We have always been offering the possibility of treating the fruit without toxic residues, we contribute to reduce the negative impact of waste waters from packing houses into the environment that surrounds them & protect people’s health.

Sustainability Group & SDG 12:
Responsible Production and Consumption.

objetivo sostenibleIn 2020 we created a specialized sustainability group with one aim: to implement UN’s Goal 12. This objective seeks to achieve a more efficient management and use of natural resources, reduce the generation of waste, reduce the release of chemical residues in water, air and / or land, and reduce food waste, among others. Starting from the basis that Sanifruit already contributes enormously in the non-generation of chemical waste and the reduction of food waste by its own activity, we wanted to get on track and try to integrate this objective also into the company’s own processes. That is why we started to take action with small steps such as improving recycling tools and reducing the use of plastic through the elimination of single-use water bottles. Currently, we are working on creating a comprehensive sustainability policy, which will be the roadmap for all future actions on the path of sustainability aligned with our mission and values.

Sustainability training pills

Learning, learning and learning! In order to be actually sustainable we know all our company workers must know first-hand what it means to be sustainable and get down to work. That is why we carry out small training pills on sustainability several times a year. The only way to do things well is getting involved and we won’t know any other way!

Solar energy in our offices

What’s better than the sun as a source of energy? Since 2019 Sanifruit uses solar panels to supply the light of our headquarters. We ensure that most of the energy supply necessary for the development of the tasks comes from non-polluting alternative energy sources.

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Carbon savings Equivalent to CO2 reduction
7,35 Tons
1002 trees planted
18,33 Tons

Fruit donation to
food bank & employees

To check the effectiveness of our natural formulas we use fruit that … is not wasted! All the fruit that is in good condition is donated to the food bank or offered to our people so they can enjoy healthy fruit at home with their families. Of course, there is also fruit available to those who want a healthy and delicious snack during office breaks!

The fruit that unfortunately is no longer in good condition for consumption serves as organic matter for the trees in our fields and provides natural nutrients to the land where other fruits will grow.

Fighting food waste…

The reduction of food waste has been one of the fundamental environmental objectives on UN’s agenda for years. About 14% of the food produced is lost between harvest and retail. At Sanifruit we formulate natural chem-free treatments that extend the commercial life of fruits and vegetables, thus contributing to the reduction of food waste. In 2020 we extended the life of 2 million tons of fruit.

We seek to improve the sustainability of our customers at all levels, and we know selling chem-free products that extend the post-harvest life of fruits is not our only task. We also provide advisory services for a better usage of water, by determining the appropriate doses so that our customers have to use the minimum amount of water possible. What is more, in collaboration with the company AZUD we also make available to customers the latest technology to reduce and reuse water consumption. Some of our customers have already tried it and have achieved a more sustainable water management and a reduction in the water footprint.

Tree planting

We have 80,000 trees planted, which in a year capture 3,920,000 Kg of CO2.


Corporate social responsibility at Sanifruit begins with our main stakeholder: the people of this company.

That is why we devise conciliation policies and a flexible schedule so that all employees can comfortably combine work and family life, which is and has always been so important.

In addition, we are always training through small pills of interesting topics both for the company and for the employees. In 2021 we carried out 960 hours of training on innovation, sustainability, mindfulness, leadership, negotiation, healthy nutrition and languages, as well as specific training for each specific position or area.

Likewise, we try to contribute to the development of our community by carrying out social actions that contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of a group.

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