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Routine, repeat jobs in a citrus packing house can lead those responsible for the tasks to have an unrealistic idea that everything is under control.

The only effective way to really have everything organized before the start of the season is to take the time to implement a road map of operations performed from fruit harvest to its arrival at its destination. If that analysis has not been performed previously, it is time to review points that need improvement within the entire process for a more efficient work and successful results.

The main points to consider achieving adequate preparation and increasing the success rate are:

  • Evaluate the harvesting process in different scenarios such as early maturation or adverse weather conditions.
  • Define in advance the degree of colouring of the fruit and the minimum volume to start harvesting.
  • Determine the duration of degreening stage or wait to get enough color to proceed with the shipment instead.
  • Check the condition of the field fruit containers, which must have been properly cleaned, sanitized, and stored in a safe place. Defective containers should also be discarded.
  • Check fruit controls on arrival to the packing house, by using a control sheet per lot. Do communicate with the field crews the possible improvements in the process of cutting the fruit and establish a maximum time between the harvest and the treatment to be applied.
  • Once we proceed to treat the fruit, we must be clear about which products we are going to use according to our goals, how often treatment tanks are refilled, who will control the correct operation of the application equipment, record the volume of fruit passing each cycle and all the troubles and refills occurred.
  • Prepare chilling rooms for degreening and cold storage, checking that a thorough cleaning and sanitizing has been carried out. Check that the control probes are calibrated and all the elements and tools for degreening work properly.
  • Set the parameters to start the degreening process. It is advisable to let the fruit dry at least 12 hours before storing in the degreening room. If it is not possible to dry we must cut the moisture injection. Make sure moisture remains above 85% with the moisture provided by fruit and containers themselves.
  • Determine the levels of ethylene and carbonic that will be used.
  • Assess if we are going to modify any setting or operation, with a view to improve the process.

We have provided a broad outline of the check list that should be carried out, considering in all situations “for which, when and how each task is performed”.

It is important to note that for a continuous improvement it is necessary to get out of the passive attitude: “so far, no complaints”; And take action: “How could we be more efficient and profitable in my business?”.

The change processes are opportunities to be taken advantage of. The replacement of toxic substances to people and the environment is a process that began years ago and has recently entered an accelerated dynamic. This is a logical situation, because people not only want to live longer, but they also want to do so in good health, and toxic substances act to the detriment of safety and health.

Since its beginnings, SANIFRUIT’s mission is to collaborate to achieve a fruit friendly with the health of people and the environment. We have always accompanied all its customers in this changing process.   In recent years we have taken the company to the next level, by improving the quality and number of products in our portfolio. All our products are chem free to take care of both our planet and mankind.

SANIFRUIT offers an extensive range of post-harvest products in citrus fruits. Our products are specific for all application points, used for both chem-free or low-chem lines at certain times of the season, reducing in all cases the number of active ingredients used by the packing house, as well as MRL’s on the fruit. Besides citrus our potfolio includes bananas, melons, stone and pome fruits.

Our range also include a range of products suitable for organic-certified citrus, with a very good acceptance in Spain and other traditional produces of organic citrus in Europe.

Plan and prepare, adapt, and evolve, protect without harm. At SANIFRUIT we formulate products and provide solutions for the packing houses to generate greater benefits while protecting people and the environment.

With the advice of SANIFRUIT fruit packers can reach the markets (even the ones more restrictive) with a healthy chem-free fruit, what else could you ask for?

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